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“Ginja Ninja” Graig Evicted Propa – #BBCAN3

Labelled a “bully” by Johnny, Graig was nominated as the replacement nominee after Kevin won Veto and had a difficult exit, feeling alienated by many of his fellow house guests. By a vote of 10-0, Graig Merritt was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.

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VIP Fan Viewing Party at The Brick – #BBCAN3

Big Brother Archive has been offered a fabulous chance to give back to it’s readers by The BRICK and Big Brother Canada. TEN lucky followers will have a chance to win a ticket to a VIP viewing party at The BRICK replica HOH room in Toronto on Yonge Street the Sunday before finale!

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Naeha Instantly Evicted – #BBCAN3

Naeha was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house by a vote of 9-2 in a dramatic “Instant Eviction” twist. Instant Eviction is a controversial game twist because there is no Power of Veto and the nominated house guests do not have a chance to save themselves.

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Sindy Evicted and On Her Way to “S”equester – #BBCAN3

Sindy was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house by a vote of 12-0 and is now on her way to “S”equester. I had a chance to quickly chat with her this afternoon and she was confident and excited for her chance to return to the game. Each blogger was allowed 3 quick questions to ask Sindy and the interview was carefully monitored due to the sensitive nature of the evicted house guest having a chance to return into the game.

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Big Brother Canada 3 Live Feed Screen Caps – #BBCAN3

The Big Brother Canada 3 24/7 Live Feeds are up and running in fabulous “High-Definition” quality. We are archiving as many screen captures of the feeds as possible, uploading anywhere from 50-100 images per day to the BBCAN3 gallery here at Big Brother Archive.


Watch #BBCAN3 Internationally – Here’s How

You will need is what is called a VPN (Virtual Personal Network.) This sounds more intimidating than it actually is, a VPN takes 5 minutes tops to configure. Hola, a fantastic app that works with Google Chrome does not work. I subscribe personally at HMA and successfully watch BBCAN3.

Arisa Cox - BBCAN3

Big Brother Canada’s Arisa Cox – The Host with the Most – #BBCAN3

I am a very lucky Superfan because this morning I was offered a chance to interview Big Brother Canada’s Arisa Cox, whom I like to refer to as “The Host with the Most.” Arisa had only a few minutes to chat so after fan-girling and mutually discussing how exciting the premiere of #BBCAN3 is, I was able to squeeze in the following 3 questions. She was candid, honest and as enthusiastic as ever, enjoy!