Willow was evicted during an unprecedented “Triple Eviction” twist with little time to react or campaign for votes, leaving her visibly devastated and shaken.  Never before in the history of Big Brother have three house guests left the game the same night. The evening was climactic, dramatic and dynamic. Willow was unavailable for immediate exit interviews after last week’s triple eviction, however Big Brother Canada allowed media access to chat with her today. The interview was carefully monitored due to the sensitive nature of the evictee being a jury member and members of the blogging media had to submit 3 questions for pre-approval. Below is my chat with Willow.

Q. What is your favorite memory from inside the house? 

A. I had so many good memories but I have to give you two that relate to each other. First off is Marsha the Moose, I hit her! It was my dream to get to meet her in the game and I hit her! I was devastated because I am a huge Marsha fan and can’t believe I was the one to hit her while driving through New Brunswick! Then, Marsha gave me that bottle of champagne and I was able to get close to Sarah which made it all better. I shared the champagne with Sarah and we had our first date together that night which was really special. We made our F2 pact which was legit and I felt happy and safe with her by my side. It was such a special moment to share with Sarah, so very special. It was fun and exciting because Sarah was a ‘have not’ so we had to be sneaky about it so she didn’t get caught drinking the champagne. Definitely my happiest moment and very special to me as I knew this is the girl who will share my life forever.

Q. Was there someone you just couldn’t bond with in the house? 

A. Zach. It was hard to tell if he was all game or being true to you. That guy is very hard to read and I kept wondering if he was all game or real. People like that, or even Kevin. He was playing the game so hard that I couldn’t get on another level with him. I got along with everyone else I felt, even Risha and I had a good talk before she left.

Q. What do you miss about Nova Scotia? 

A. EVERYTHING! I miss the people the most. I grew up in a small town and miss that small town chattiness where everyone wants to talk to you and you feel like you’re family. Tell everyone in Nova Scotia that I love them and miss the place.

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