Sindy Nguyen – Exit Interview


Sindy “with an S” Nguyen of Toronto, Ont. is sent to jury house one week after taking out her target Neda Kalantar in a blindside that shook the BBCAN universe. After losing two more houseguests in a jam-packed double eviction, the stronghold of power shifted once again as last week’s nominee Dillon Carman won the Head of Household competition. When Demetres won the POV and used it on himself, Dillon decided to take a shot at comp beast Sindy while he had the chance. Despite trying to separate herself from allies Kevin Martin and Bruno Ielo in an effort to make the target on her back smaller, Sindy was ultimately unsuccessful and was evicted in a vote of 6 to 1. We’ll see if history repeats itself and S3 housemates Bruno & Kevin are evicted after her.

Q. You were very loyal to your co-S3 houseguests Bruno and Kevin, if the two make the finale, would they get your vote?

A. Oh, wow, I have no clue but probably Kevin. I have a very bitter feeling against Bruno about how he played this season shady, and how he didn’t give me the last vote like Kevin did. In the end, I really respect this game and like in season 3, when I’m voting in jury, I want to be proud of the person who truly beat me. Regardless of loyalty, I want the best game player to win BBCAN5.

Q. Bruno gave up in the HOH competition, brokering a group deal with Dillon. Were you upset with him for doing that or did you think you were also safe?

A. I definitely think they both should have tried harder and fought harder. It’s not like they were in much physical pain, or hanging anywhere, as it was a mental endurance comp. Kevin seemed very focused throughout, but Bruno made a deal with Dillon and they decided to go for the money. I was very agitated, frustrated and disappointed because I had won the previous HOH and just helped to keep them safe, I would have liked the same in return. I completely would have fought harder to win it, and definitely not left for a small amount of money.

Q. Apart from yourself, naturally, who was the best dancer?

A. Obviously Kevin, (laughs,) because he has dance moves. Honestly, if I saw that action at a bar I would totally move towards that direction, he’s the best, such a great dancer.

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