Sharry Ash had the tough spot of being nominated with her best friend in the house, Loveita. She was evicted from the game last night by a vote of 11-1 and is the second person to be evicted from BBCAN4 as houseguests decided that Sharry was more of a threat in the game than Loveita. Nikki was Sharry’s singular vote to stay as she and fellow “wild card” Tim chose to split their vote.

As a member of the blogging media, I was able to interview Sharry today and allowed a few questions to ask the evicted houseguest. On the live feeds I found Sharry fun to watch as she was always conversational and made an effort to present herself stylishly. Here are my questions for Sharry.

Q. Your style is awesome! You were always made up in the house and looking camera-ready, is this how you are in “real life” as well? 

A. Yeah, I think its super, super important to always be ready for everything and to be fresh and clean. I love, love, love my lipstick, even if I go out to the grocery store I am always wearing lipstick and mascara and some nice heels. Q: I have a MAJOR crush on your red booties. A: OMGosh, I’m wearing them right now actually! Everything always looks good in red, right? (Laughs.)

Q. Your friendship with Loveita seemed immediate, what do you think it was it that drew you together in the house? 

A. I clicked with everyone immediately that first night, there wasn’t anyone that I didn’t have a conversation with and it was actually Loveita who cornered me and said that she liked my energy and wanted to work with me. I was hesitant at first as I didn’t want to align myself with anyone, so my half-no answer was, “that could work.” We both wanted to play a similar, “clean” game with similar ideas and strategy. Loveita opened up to me a lot that first week. We felt very comfortable around each other and jived really well.

Q. You just came off being a have not, what did you eat after being evicted and how good was it to NOT sleep on the floor? 

A. Oh my gosh! Eating slop was the worst thing ever, it’s absolutely disgusting and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I had pad Thai, I had pizza, eggs, chips, a coffee crisp and so much fantastic food. I appreciate food so much more at the moment and I even got to sleep in a king sized bed. It felt incredible as my hip was getting sore from sleeping on the floor as I’m a side sleeper. The have not room was terrible.

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