Scott Bosse was 1 of 3 #FINALHG who fans had the choice to vote into the #BBCAN2 house, but didn’t. You’d think that might get a guy down, but not in the case of this drag queen diva who exuded positive energy and enthusiasm during my “AM Quickie” exit interview. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Scott and look forward to seeing him around Halifax when he returns.

My “morning after” chats with the exited house guests are to give us fans a little something-something about the HGs that we don’t already know. I tailor my questions to the personality of each individual, so expect my questions to be somewhat random and whimsical. Basically, I am never going to ask questions like “how it feels to be evicted,” what is the point in that?

Q: What was your favorite moment “spying” on the HGs? 

A: Scott loved how unassuming the house guests were, that they had no idea they (FINALHGs) were watching them from the war room. He loved the shenanigans and drama but especially liked watching the guys walk around in their underwear, of which Andrew, Kyle and Kenny were his favorites.

Q:What is Contessa’s cocktail of choice?  

A: Gin or Champagne.

Q:Where would Contessa travel? 

A: Scott would love to do a travel show, the “Contessa Chronicles,” where she would go places where Contessa wouldn’t normally expected to travel, ie: Saskatchewan ranch. Las Vegas is also a favorite.

Q:If all 3 #FINALHG went into the house, could you have formed a solid alliance? 

A: 100% for sure. There was so much love and support between the 3 of them, they survived sleeping on hard cots under blankets coarser than “SOS” cleaning pads, so there was a solid bond.

Q:What do you take in your coffee and do you prefer Tims or Starbucks? 

A: Scott doesn’t drink coffee as he feels it might “stunt his growth,” and as he is a majestic 6’8″ in heels, he can’t have that. He does love steeped tea from Tim Hortons.

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