Sarah Miller – Exit Interview

To me Sarah Miller is the coolest “mom” to enter the #BBCAN2 house and not just because of the cherry red streaks in her dark hair. This young mom of 2 had a fun, youthful and also nurturing nature as a HG.  Sarah formed a lovely bond with Kenny Brain, fellow “1st 5” member, so lovely that Kenny trusted Sarah enough to confide in her that he was gay before he “came out” to the rest of the house. In our quick chat together “mumsie,” as she was called by the HGs, shows she is very aware of mistakes her alliance made.

My chats with the exited house guests are to give us fans a little something-something about the HGs that we don’t already know. Some questions are non-game related and are personality based to each individual.

Q: If you had won the endurance HOH instead of Rachelle, who would you have nominated? 

A: Sarah would have nominated Ika, so very little would have changed. The focus of the “1st 5” at that time was to evict Ika.

Q:Did you know Rachelle intentionally peed in the hot tub a few days ago? Some of the HGs this season seem immature, who would you say has the most childish behaviour? 

A: This is part of what was hard for Sarah in the house, there was so much immaturity and at times she couldn’t escape it.  Sarah didn’t want to name names, but did comment how she would never tolerate that sort of bad behaviour from her kids, who are very well behaved compared to the #BBCAN2 house guests.

Q:Are you going to dive in and watch the season or take a breather from it all? 

A: Sarah would like to keep up with the show as it progresses, but isn’t sure she wants to watch past episodes right away. That said, her family might want her to watch previous TV shows with them and she will.

Q:I noticed you were often annoyed with Heather I made little effort to get close to her, Did you feel you didn’t need her as an ally or could afford to lose her F2 vote? 

A: Her last night in the house Sarah looked back at where things went wrong with the “1st 5” and commented that they let “all those people who had no-one get away and form an alliance. Sarah said it was their fault, the “1st 5” made it happen, and were their own downfall. In regards to Heather specifically, their personalities didn’t click and she admits that Heather’s giggle got on her nerves.

Q:What would be on your pizza? 

A: The more the better, Sarah likes her pizza loaded and commented that a must is green olives. If a pizza joint doesn’t offer green olives then they get scratched off her list.

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