Last night Raul Manriquez from Calgary, Alberta was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house in a 6 – 1 vote. Earlier in the POV competition, Kelsey and Raul helped Jared win the veto, which he used on himself. Sticking with her mission to chop a head off the so-called “three-headed monster,” Head of Household Maddy made Raul the replacement. If Raul had fought to win the Power of Veto himself, he would have both been safe and able to remove one of his allies, either Kelsey or Jared. Jared and Raul were neck-and-neck during the POV competition and not winning the POV for himself was clearly a huge mistake. Raul now joins Mitch in the Big Brother Canada jury house as the second juror.

I was able to interview Raul today and was allowed a few questions to ask the evicted houseguest. As Raul is now a member of this seasons jury, my questions could not be revealing or influence his decision deciding the winner of Big Brother Canada 4.

Q. You only had a day and a half left as a have not, so why did you break the HN rules and eat part of Tim’s salmon burger? Was it hard being alone in the backyard that evening, we heard you howling? 

A. I dunno, I had a melt down for sure because that week was so stressful, I blacked out and had it with everything and just wanted to break one rule. I grabbed Tim’s sandwich and oh-my-god it tasted like freedom. I just couldn’t handle it anymore, the most stressful week of my life being on the block with my best friend and also being a have not, I admit I lost my composure. About being in the backyard alone, it was hard because everyone was having fun inside and I was there bored doing nothing. Also, at one point they got alcohol which really made me miserable, so I decided to have my own little talk show, then I felt like howling for a bit. It was super, super boring.

Q. Out of the remaining houseguests, if you were still in the game, who would you want to be F2 with? 

A. Well, I would want to win the game of course, so I would have to have Joel next to me as I could win against Joel. I think anyone could win against Joel.

Q. What fashion designer would you love to work for and what do you like about their designs? 

A. I would love to work for Issey Miyake because he is so creative, his designs are so out of place and so incredibly smart. I find him extremely interesting.

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