Paul Jackson – Exit Interview

Paul Jackson at 43 was the oldest contestant on Big Brother Canada 2 age-wise, however his youthful attitude and backyard shenanigans with friends Adel and Kyle made him seem like a big kid with a big heart. He tackled his fear of heights in the intimidating and very physical “Divergent” POV competition, a personal test that he can be proud of.

My “morning after” chats with the exited house guests are to give us fans a little something-something about the HGs that we don’t already know. Basically, I am never going to ask questions like “how it feels to be evicted,” what is the point in that?

Q: Coke or Pepsi? 

A: Diet Coke.

Q:You were rocking that squirrel costume in the last POV, such a fun competition. Which competition did you like the least?  

A: Definitely the “Divergent” competition where he had to overcome his fear of heights.

Q:I bet you’re a fun Dad, what do you to do chill out with the kids? 

A: Paul has a background in early childhood education and loves hanging out with his kids. They are always doing different activities including: playing outside in the snow, going to “Chuck-E-Cheese,” playing on the Wii and having fun in the kitchen. (Paul has 3 children ages 6, 8 and 10.)

Q:Do you like to cook and what is your signature dish? 

A: Roast chicken or anything wholesome with little preservatives, and he can “knock it out of the park.”

Q:You’re a mean pillow fort builder. Did you ever think you would be having a pillow fight with 2 other grown men? Have you spoken to Kyle yet?

 A: Being a dad, Paul is an expert pillow-fort builder and has even slept in one before. Inside the #BBCAN2 house he immediately bonded with Kyle and Adel, 2 other guys who also liked to goof off. He can’t wait to phone Kyle and said it was the 2nd phone call on his list, after his wife.

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