Being evicted first has got to be hard for anyone, but must be especially crummy when you are a “superfan” like Paige Distranski. Paige was evicted last night on Big Brother Canada by a vote of 7-4 and seemed stunned that her journey in the house ended so quickly.  She admitted to host Arisa Cox that she wasn’t able to form the relationships needed to keep her safe in the house early on in the game.

As a member of the blogging media, I was able to interview Paige today and allowed 3 questions to ask the evicted houseguest. Here are my questions for Paige.

Q: I saw you wore Judd (BB15’s) grizzly bear T to your audition, is he your favourite Big Brother player and why? (Note: photo of Paige and BBCAN3 Johnny at the Winnipeg casting call with Paige wearing the iconic “Judd” shirt.) 

A: Judd is definitely one of my big brother players of all time and that shirt is one of my prized possessions. Judd had such a huge personality on his season of Big Brother (BB15) and was so funny and charismatic which is why I liked him so much.

Q: You said in your pre-game video your strategy would be to think of your fellow HGs as “dogs,” did you actually do this in the house? 

A: Yes, I did bring my strategy of dog psychology or dog mentality into the game. I tried to pick out who were the “alpha dogs” and what roles the other houseguests held, but didn’t have much time in the game to implement my strategy.

Q: A question just for fun; if you were a dog, what breed would you be? 

A: I think I would be a Great Pyrenees. I have one and they are loyal, like to be outdoors and are very protective of their own, just like me.

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