Nate Sandri is an easy going guy from Burnaby, BC who had a chance this week to enter the #BBCAN2 house as 1 of 3 #FINALHG. I spoke to Nate this morning as part of my “AM Quickie” exit interviews and although he wasn’t chosen by Canada to play Big Brother Canada, he enjoyed having the chance to compete.

I tailor my questions to the personality of each individual, so expect my questions to be somewhat random and whimsical. Basically, I am never going to ask questions like “how it feels to be evicted,” what is the point in that?

Q: If you were in a rodeo, would you rather ride a bull or a bronco? 

A: Nate would ride the bull. He’s competitive and likes to dive into whatever challenges presented to him.

Q:You love your truck and state that it is your prized possession, have you named it?  

A: Nate does love his truck A LOT and he has named it, Brandy.

Q:What’s on your music playlist? 

A: Rap and classic rock. Not too much country.

Q:Which other season of Big Brother (Canada & USA) would you love to play? 

A: 100% the first season of Big Brother Canada. Nate loved Emmett’s competitiveness and strategic game play.

Q:Is there a food that you absolutely hate? 

A: Sushi is something Nate can’t tolerate, doesn’t like it at all.

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