Mitch Moffit from Guelph, Ontario was the first houseguest sent to the Big Brother Canada jury house. The tables were turned this week in the BBCAN GRAND when Kelsey reentered the house with the knowledge that Mitch had been teaming up with different groups of houseguests. Once his strategy was revealed, Raul, this week’s HOH and Mitch’s best friend, took the news personally and vowed to remove him from the house. Mitch was evicted by a 5-3 vote.

As a member of the blogging media, I was able to interview Mitch today and allowed a few questions to ask the evicted houseguest. As Mitch is now a member of this seasons jury, our questions could not be revealing or influence his decision deciding the winner of Big Brother Canada 4. Here are my questions for Mitch.

Q. The only game talks you had with Tim were in your last week. Why didn’t you team up with Tim sooner? 

A. There were a couple other moments of brief game talk but I think on a couple levels that Tim and I never found what connected us until the last week when we both realized that we both love science and conservation. It’s hard to be fake with actual relationships and we didn’t find what connected us on a personal and social basis. You’ve got to find that connection or bond and we just didn’t stumble upon it. I was very skeptical of Tim early in the game, I knew he was smarter than he was putting off and I was scared to reveal any information about myself to Tim. I didn’t want anyone to be able to predict me and my game and was afraid that Tim would be able to do just that. We divulged that we were each scared to trust each other this last week because we were on a such a similar level. I would have gone after Tim if I had won Head of Household early in the game. I never trusted his motives in the game, Tim put it off as he didn’t care about the game, but I knew that wasn’t true. Tim is smarter than what everyone thinks. His brain works in interesting ways, when it comes to how he understands people, that’s what scares me. Initially I just thought, “I need to get Tim out.”

Q. Hypothetically If you had made it to the end of the game, out of the remaining houseguests who would you want sitting next to you as F2? 

A. I would have been really happy with Jared, Raul or Joel to go to the end and be “final 2” with. I was very confident that I could beat anyone, which I admit is my own arrogance. (Laughs.) On a personal level, I would have wanted any of those 3 to be there.

Q. Besides your boyfriend Gregory, what do you miss most? 

A. Freedom, haha! I’m joking, but seriously, there is too much structure inside the house. When you have down time and are bored, its hard to get through that, especially when you can’t control when you have go to bed and get up in the morning. As an adult man, I’m excited to have my freedom back.

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