Last night, Maddy Pavle from Vancouver, BC was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house in a unanimous 5-0 vote. After an emotional week that included Ramsey’s sudden departure due to his father’s health, Maddy was left with no allies. Initially nominating Maddy and Ramsey, after Ramsey’s dramatic exit the brothers decided that Tim was their real target this week. Tim offered himself to Nick and Phil as a pawn, playing perfectly into their eviction strategy. Even though Maddy campaigned with an explosive house meeting, she was sent packing from the BBCAN GRAND. Maddy is the third member of the Big Brother Canada 4 jury and will be joining Raul and Mitch to help decide the winner of BBCAN4.

I was able to interview Maddy today and was allowed a few questions to ask the evicted houseguest. As Maddy is now a member of this seasons jury, my questions could not be revealing or influence her decision deciding the winner of Big Brother Canada 4. If you suggested a question for me to use on Twitter, I thank you very much for your input.

Q. When you nominated Jared and Kelsey, who were you targeting and why didn’t you consider using the backdoor strategy? 

A. I didn’t really have a specific target, it was more just getting rid of one of the three. I could have tried to backdoor Kelsey or Jared I guess, but at the end of the day, I got rid of Raul and I think it was smart.

Q. Tim volunteered to be nominated as a pawn alongside you, a popular houseguest extremely hard to campaign against. Who would you rather have been as a replacement nominee for a better chance to stay in the house? 

A. I think Cassandra would have been a really good option and I would have had a fighting chance because everyone knows how manipulative she is and that she has lied. Nikki also would have been a good choice because she was always wanting to self evict so people might have let her.

Q. You are a long way from your home on the West Coast, what are a couple things you miss the most? 

A. I miss being outside and going on my hikes every weekend, I miss the music scene around where I live and I really miss my friends.

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