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After being the second evicted during last week’s “fake double eviction,” Loveita was locked in a “secret suite” in the BBCAN GRAND with her nemesis in the game, Kelsey. The two girls were able to spy on the houseguests via a large screen TV that had visual, but no sound. Throughout the week, Loveita and Kelsey exchanged information about secret alliances and houseguest strategies. In the end, Kelsey was chosen to have a second chance in the house by the houseguests’ unanimous vote. Loveita was the fifth person to be evicted from BBCAN4.

As a member of the blogging media, I was able to interview Loveita today and allowed a few questions to ask the evicted houseguest. Here  are my questions for Loveita.

Q. As HOH, why didn’t you target any of the male players, considering there were some strong physical competitors? 

A. Here’s my theory on it, males will eventually go head to head and take each other out that way. I had to have justification for why I was putting someone up so they had to be effecting my game negatively or I had to see a trait that was not going to help my game but be a detriment to me and this just happened to be females, there were a lot of female leaders in the house, I wasn’t looking at it as male vs. female. Q. (Dana from Your Reality Recaps asked a similar question. Here is Loveita’s reply,) I felt like it wasn’t intentional that the females were put up in the first weeks, but that the ladies just had such strong personalities. If I hadn’t made the promise to not put up Jared in the first HOH, I would have nominated Jared and Kelsey and it wouldn’t have looked like I was targeting the girls. Women as leaders are more powerful and more vocal and that is why I targeted the girls I did.

Q. If you were the one chosen to go back into the house and won HOH, who would your nominations have been? 

A. I would have asked Tim if he was willing to be a pawn next to Cassandra and I would have tried to backdoor the brothers, or I would have put up Maddy and Cass with a chance to backdoor the brothers. I wouldn’t want to just go for the brothers directly as I’d want to lessen their chance to play for the Power of Veto. The brothers Nick and Phil would be the target.

Q. You wore a lot of beanies or caps in the house, is this your regular personal style, was this for comfort, or was there another reason? 

A. In the real world I always wear hats but my hair in the house was kind of messy with a lot of maintenance to it so I found that wearing hats was the most comfortable and easy.

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