Kyle Shore is the “AM Quickie” interview I was most anticipating because I didn’t know what to expect. This guy is all over the place personality-wise, which I think is a good thing as it makes him interesting. Kyle started his time in the #BBCAN2 house aggressive, tough and abrasive polarizing viewers to either love or hate him. Then, he exited the house with an impromptu speech about what it’s really like living with strangers from across Canada and becoming friends. His final words about the game were simple, poignant and very powerful.

My “morning after” chats with the exited house guests are to give us fans a little something-something about the HGs that we don’t already know. Basically, I am never going to ask questions like “how it feels to be evicted,” what is the point in that?

Q: You like to work-out, what is your least favourite exercise? 

A: Anything legs. His idea of leg-work is getting out of bed in the morning.

Q:Where would you take a girl out on a date?  

A: If she is a really special girl he would take her to a “subway” sandwich place.

Q:You come off tough in your bio, but exited the show with a heart-warming moment. Was it an act or did the game change your outlook? 

A: Kyle’s outlook did not change at all. He is going to be blunt and will never be afraid to speak his mind, but he also has a “soul” and a soft side.

Q:Guilty food that you would indulge in? 

A: A protein bar with extra caramel on top. Kyle hates all junk food.

Q:You didn’t play in the Divergent POV, do you have a fear or phobia? 

A: None. He would dive off the platform head first to win. No fears.

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