Kenny Brain – Exit Interview

After initial cast photos Kenny Brain became the guy from Newfoundland with an exceptional beard, however live feed viewers soon realized that this bearded man is so much more than meets the eye. Kenny can be described as many things; a model, a son, a brother, a friend, a proudly gay man and a fur-father to his beloved pooch, Molly. I like to think of Kenny as the guy on #BBCAN2 with a heart so huge and so lovely that his chest runs out of room for it, resulting in tears. Sensitive men who aren’t afraid to show their feelings is is exactly what this world needs more of.

My chats with the exited house guests are to give us fans a little something-something about the HGs that we don’t already know. Some questions are non-game related and are personality based to each individual.

Q: In your bio you mentioned you have a bit of OCD and that a pet peeve of yours is untidy people. How dirty was it in the #BBCAN2 house and how did you cope with the mess?

A: The messy condition of house was the grossest thing he has ever seen and was part of the reason he was always grumpy and snapping at people because no one would pick up after themselves. At times he had to find a quiet place to get away from it all, often the outside hot tub area.

Q: I’ve heard you say on the live feeds how much you miss your dog and that this is the only time you’ve been away from her. Tell us a little bit about Molly?

A: Molly is Kenny’s pride and joy. She is a german shepherd/retriever cross and a lot of fun. He adopted her when she was a puppy. Kenny is very much a proud “fur-dad.” 

Q:Allison tried to help you last night during the DE, do you think she was being sincere or do you think she assumed you were going to jury?

A: Kenny said it could have been a bit of both but he believes Allison was sincere. He elaborated to say that in his opinion Allison doesn’t really want to work with the other side of the house. Allison began the game as an addition to the “1st 5” and Kenny thinks that is where her true loyalty would have been if the alliance had regained power. 

Q:Why couldn’t you work with Jon, your fellow Newfoundlander?

A: The “1st 5” alliance was what hindered any hope of aligning with Jon. Kenny said he truly wanted to work with Jon, that they even formed a side-alliance dubbed the “Newfie Bullets.” In the end, there was always mistrust which was primarily caused by Kenny’s association with “1st 5” member Andrew (Gordon.)

Q:What would be on your pizza?

A: Pineapple and pepperoni or some variation of “Hawaiian” with a lot of meat on it.

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