Last night, Canada watched as Joel Lefevre from Edmonton, Alberta was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house in a 2-0 vote. After Tim won the power of veto and used it to save himself, Kelsey named Joel as a replacement nominee. Cass had her back up against the wall until she and Tim joined forces to manipulate the remaining houseguests by planting seeds of doubt about Joel. Their plan worked and Joel was sent to the jury house. The final four are: Cassandra, Kelsey, Tim, and the brothers Nick and Phil. Canada will join the BBCAN jury and have a say in this season’s winner.

I was able to interview Joel today and was allowed a few questions to ask the evicted houseguest. As Joel is now a member of this season’s jury, my questions could not influence his decision deciding the winner of Big Brother Canada 4.

Q. If Cass hadn’t used the POV on Tim, would you have voted Tim out? (Because you were so close to Nikki.) 

A. I would absolutely not have voted Tim out even though I would have had a lot of pressure from the brothers to do so, but wouldn’t have as Nick and Phil were the biggest competitors in the house and I needed Tim as the next biggest competitor to win an HOH and beat the brothers.  Therefore, I would not have voted Tim out because I needed him to hopefully pull out an HOH win and eliminate Nick and Phil. 

Q. Out of “The Threek Show,” who were you most loyal to and who would have been your F2? 

A. I was closest to Cassandra right from the get go. Early on in the game I fomed a close bond with Cassandra, we formed a final 2 alliance, “Beaty and the Brains,” in week one and Cass stayed loyal to me throughout the game. Cassandra was definitely going to be my final 2 because she was loyal to me but also because I knew I could beat her in the end.

Q. What Broadway musical would you love to perform in? 

A. The Broadway musical I would love to perform in is “The Book of Mormon,” because it is a fun, upbeat musical and an intelligent take on religion and, yeah just a fun one to do.

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