Labelled a “bully” by Johnny, Graig was nominated as the replacement nominee after Kevin won Veto and had a difficult exit, feeling alienated by many of his fellow house guests. Unanimously, by a vote of 10-0, the self proclaimed “Ginja Ninja” was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. I was with 3 members of the blogging media during the call and each blogger was allowed 3 quick questions to ask Graig. The interview was carefully monitored due to the sensitive nature of the evicted house guest having a 1 in 5 chance to return into the game via the “KFC twist.”

Q. As a competitor, what game is harder to play, baseball or Big Brother? 

A. Trying to hit a ball coming at you ninety miles per hour is definitely hard to hit in baseball, there is no comparison. Competing in baseball is three times harder and Big Brother Canada is a cake walk in comparison. My five years of trying to make the major leagues was the hardest in my life.”

Q. Did anyone let you down in the game? Was there someone you trusted you shouldn’t have? 

A. Zach, totally Zach let me down so much. Everyone in the house came to me, even Willow came to me at the end which I give her mad respect for, to tell me I didn’t have their vote, except for Zach. Zach was part of the Chop Shop and he let me down. He knew I would kick his ass in competitions and so he needed to see me go. It’s a sign of immaturity on Zach’s part. I told Bruno before I left to tell Zach for me that I lost respect for him. Not coming to me at the end, it was a total kick in the balls.

Q. Would you consider growing a “Ginja Ninja” beard to go with that fabulous haircut? 

A. You knocked this question out of the park and now I have a huge smile on my face. I might have to do it, it’s an idea. I feel the whole beard thing is played out but I could make it work and will consider a beard. What kind of beard, one like Kenny’s (BBCAN2)? We’ll see, maybe I should get working on it.

Those were my personal questions for the archive. Here are a couple tidbits from the other bloggers in the conference call, check them out!

  • Deena from Your Reality Recaps asked Graig why he changed his mind and told the house guests he was a pro-athelete. Graig said that at first it was a good idea to keep the secret as he would have been put on the block that first “group HOH” if they knew he was a baseball player. The atmosphere in the house changed and he wanted to share something in an attempt to fit in more. It was hard to relate at times being the oldest guy in the house.
  • Matt from asked Graig if he went back into the house, what would he do first? Graig said the first thing he would do is give Bruno a hug and then hug everyone. He couldn’t do it yesterday as he is an emotional guy but would love to right now. He has no hard feelings against anyone as he knows its a game. He can’t wait to go snowboarding with Bobby.

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