Gary Levy – Exit Interview


Big Brother Canada’s first ever “Backwards Week” has claimed its victim, Gary “Extraordinary” Levy was evicted by a single vote from Head of Household Demetres Giannitsos. “I honestly did everything I could and even a little bit more!” said Gary Levy. “Demetres told me that he had my back 100% but I think he has something more going on with Dre and Ika. Maybe he trusts them more, but if you ask me, I think it’ll be his ass out of the house next week.”

Q: There was no one else from S1, you represented the original season of BBCAN, who do you think would have benefited your game to have in the house from your season?

A: It would have been fun to play with either Jillian or Emmett as they are so loyal and trustworthy as well as tough competitors. Also, we have formed such a close relationship outside of the house that I know they would fully have my back.

Q: This weeks slop cookie vote showed how a house guest can sometimes be single out, and there can be gang mentality in house, Is this just my perception from the TV episode, or did you feel you alienated?

A: Honey, I had 48 cookies in that jar! It was definitely my lowest point in the house. I felt alienated and alone and it is not a feeling I would wish on anyone.

Q: Your style has evolved over the past 4 years. Do you think you played a better game with glitter? Is it your lucky charm?

A: My glitter evoked a certain feeling and was part of a mode I was in at the time. I was 21 then and my style has evolved over the years. If I re-did the glitter again it would have come across as fake and Canada wouldn’t have bought it. Canada has seen my evolution on the Side Show and the love and support from Canada has been what kept me going in the game. I even grew within this season, I am constantly evolving. I am my own lucky charm!

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