Este & Damien


Big Brother Canada’s 200th episode was accomplished with an epic Big Brother Canada double eviction. In the end, Estefania Hoyos and Damien Ketlo were targeted and eliminated by the remaining houseguests, a master plan put into effect by The Pretty Boys.

Q: Were you in an official alliance? F2 deal(s)?

A: Me and Kiki had a F2 called the “Young Bloods.” Also, there was loosely a B.C. alliance with everyone from the area, but it wasn’t official and Dane wasn’t loyal to this.

Q: What will win your jury vote? (Ie: honesty, loyalty, comp wins?)

A: A mixture of comp wins and social game. Also, I want to vote for someone who was loyal to at least one person. Loyalty is huge to me, as well as kindness.

Q: You were in a showmance with Dane, what is your favorite thing about him?

A: Definitely his goofiness, he is so funny, almost all the time. He has a good heart and is great to hang out with.

Q: Is there a competition you wish you had won?

A: Yes, the T or F “Eye Spy,” which Sam beat me in a tiebreaker. It broke my heart to lose that I was so close!

Q: Favourite Colombian food?

A: Frijoles with avocado, it’s so yummy!

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