Dre and Will


The French Connection: Montreal, Quebec’s’s Dre Gwenaelle and William Laprise Desbiens from Trois-Riviere, Quebec were victims of the infamous BBCAN “triple eviction.” An already hectic week in the house lead into the wildest eviction night of the season. The houseguests had barely said their goodbyes to Jackie before news of the triple eviction sent the BBCAN Odyssey into the stratosphere.

“We are in shock right now,” said William with Dre seated next to him.

“We are! I honestly feel like I’m going to be able to go back into the house,” Dre said. “I don’t know how this happened to us.”

Q: Was speaking to each other in French ever strategy? (BOTH)

A: Definitely! We definitely used speaking French as strategy, we could talk about whatever we wanted. (D) Definitely! it was the most perfect thing as we could talk about the game right in front of the house guests, you could look right at them and say “I’m coming after you.” (W)

Q: Did you ever consider NOT using either of your POV’s as Ika “ordered?” (William)

A: At one point it came to my mind, but I told myself, “no, don’t do that…I won this secret power of veto and want to use it.” I also got to use it in secret so there was no reason not to use it. I wanted to put it into play.

Q: Why do you think Ika was so upset with you last night? (Dre)

A: She has no reason to be upset at me, I don’t get it. I don’t know, I don’t understand it, she was the one who did anything. Maybe it was part of her strategy to scare people. Dillon must have snitched out everything to everyone and in the end she (Ika) must have decided to trust Dillon.

Q: Out of the remaining 5 house guests, is there anyone who you wouldn’t vote for to win BBCAN5? (BOTH)

A: Dillon, I didn’t like his game, not at all. (W) There is no one that I wouldn’t want to vote for, but there are some far more deserving than others. Karen to me is not as deserving. (D)

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