Dillon Carman – Exit Interview


The heavyweight champ was knocked out this week, as Dillon “Big Country” Carman of Madoc, Ont. was sent packing in a vote of 2 to 0. “It was tough in there – Big Brother Canada is a tough fight,” said Dillon. Kevin was sure that Dillon’s ally Karen would vote to evict Demetres, but when she didn’t, “Demika” – one of the deadliest duos in BBCAN history – remained, ensuring Kevin’s worst-case scenario of a final four with Ika and Demetres was in play, and Dillon was on his way to the jury house. “I went in there and gave it everything I have. I have no regrets… I just hope Kevin doesn’t win!”

Q: I was curious about your shout out for mental health awareness in your eviction speech and was wondering what it’s meaning is to you?

A: It means a lot to me, I just feel like there is a bad stigma in society about mental illness, about feelings and talking about your emotions. Sadness is an emotion we all have as human beings and it is alright to feel sad and express your feelings. I want to help end the stigma and thought the live eviction would be a great platform to help it be broken.

Q: Did Kevin make a mistake by using his POV and putting you up as the replacement nominee?

A: Yeah, of course! For one, it was a very bad game move for me as I went home, but Kevin thought I’d vote to keep Demetres, which I 100% wouldn’t have, so Kevin was wrong. It wasn’t smart for Kevin to keep Demetres in the house, so not a good move at all.

Q: Big Brother or boxing, what is harder to psychologically prepare for?

A: That’s a really tough question, they’re both not easy. I’ve been in boxing for 15 years, it is a grueling endurance challenge and tough mentally, but the game of BB is so compact; it’s like 10 years of emotion and adrenaline. Very intense and difficult psychologically.

Q: “Big Country” is your Boxing name, what would your BBCAN5 nick name be?

A: Inside the house Karen called me “The Man Beast,” so that would have to be it due to my physical size.

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