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Dallas Cormier was nominated by Head of Household Tim via the BBAU “gummi koala” method where each houseguest assigns points towards the person they want evicted, thus meaning the overall house decides. The final nominations were himself and Maddy and Dallas fought hard to campaign for votes throughout the week. It seemed at the last minute the house had flipped and would keep Dallas and evict Maddy. In the end, he was evicted from the game last night by a close vote of 5-3 and is the fourth person to be “officially” evicted from BBCAN4. The vote was anticipated to be a 4-4 tie with Head of Household Tim placing the final tie-breaker vote to evict Maddy, however houseguest Nikki chose to flip her vote against Tim’s wishes, defying the HOH for personal reasons.

As a member of the blogging media, I was able to interview Dallas today and allowed a few questions to ask the evicted houseguest. Here are my questions for Dallas.

Q. As a competitive guy, was it difficult to compete in some of the silly costumes Big Brother made you wear, like being a human rainbow? How long did that competition last? It seemed to go on for a while. 

A.When it comes to competing I put all that aside and would have competed in my birthday suit, would have gone hard and naked. The costumes are ridiculous but Big Brother gives them to us and the audience loves them, heck even I loved them, it’s all for fun. I get in the zone, I don’t focus on anything but winning whatever competition I am in. The Rainbow POV competition was at least 90 minutes long. I can’t tell you for sure because I was so caught up in the moment but getting to 300, let me tell you, it was drawn out and very taxing.

Q. You were focused on targeting Jared and Raul, but I am curious about another couple inside the BBCAN4 house, the brothers Nick and Phil. Why do you think the brothers have yet to be targeted considering they are an inseparable pair in that house and Big Brother could possibly put them both into the game? i.e.: “expect the unexpected,” rules change. 

A. At the end of the day BB is the boss and can do whatever they want. I pitched to Loveita to “backdoor” the brothers but nobody wanted to buy what I was selling. I even wanted to get rid of the “Internationals” and pitched that to the house only to get slammed down because everybody wants to play with them. I’m convinced that they’ll separate the brothers eventually, especially with what happened last year in the states with the twins. Arisa told the house they were playing as one, so everyone is just believing that. They are playing an incredible social game the two bros, I like them both, but they are definitely a threat.

Q. I must ask about the badge of honour you wear, your beard. From BBCAN2 Kenny Brain to BB16(USA) Donny Thompson, how do you rate your beard? What is the story behind your beard and would you shave your beard to win the Power of Veto? 

A. I absolutely would shave off my beard to the win Power of Veto, I probably would have given away my first born for that last POV. My beard is the result of a competition I started in August with a buddy of mine at work for a $100 wager. I thought of shaving it off before leaving for Big Brother Canada, but I decided $100 is $100 and I didn’t want to lose a bet. I’m kind of hoping when I get home I see him with a bare baby face so I can claim my $100, we’ll see.

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