After a week of turbulence, one of the returning houseguests had his voyage aboard the BBCAN Odyssey cut short. Saint John, N.B.’s Dallas Cormier, was sent packing by his fellow Big Brother Canada houseguests. After original nominee Dillon won the Power of Veto and chose to use it on himself, Dallas was named the replacement nominee, which sent the house into a whirlwind of whispers and paranoia as he and Emily both campaigned to remain. Despite the target shifting between the two nominees, Dallas was evicted in a unanimous vote, becoming the first returning houseguest to be sent packing.

Q: You’re looking good clean shaven. Do you think you played better with or without the beard?

A: I think I had myself set up for a good run this season without the beard, I know that I went home a little earlier than last season,  and I was on the wrong side of the vote last week. Being associated with Emily and Dillon also hurt me. Putting up a strong physical player was the best move for Demetres as it’s always better to get a big, physical guy out of the game.

Q: Out of the returning players, 3 of the vets were from Season 3. Do you think it was hard to get closer to Bruno and Kevin because they were already solid? 

A: Yes, definitely. I was in the “Wise Guys” alliance with Kevin and Bruno and thought they would have had my best interest, but they didn’t. I was also in the vets alliance, which I thought would have had my back. Cass told me that the vets were all out to get me so in the end I decided to turn the tables and find ways to target the vets.

Q: You’ve lived in two amazing Big Brother Canada houses now, which one did you enjoy the most?

A: I’m a gambling man, so the BBCANGRAND will always have a place in my heart. It was also my introduction to Big Brother Canada, so I’m going to have to go with the BBCAN4 house for sentimental reasons.

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