Middle school teacher Cory Kennedy has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house in a vote of 3-1. Last night, in a Big Brother Canada first, the houseguests voted to evict one of three nominees: Damien, Estefania and Cory Kennedy. When Adam Pike discovered the Archive Room’s hidden Secret Assassin power, he decided now was the time to take a shot at Cory and she became the third nominee. Here is our interview with Cory below.

Q: Were you in an official alliance? F2 deal(s)?

A: I had the triple F2 deal task to complete initially in order to stay in the BBCAN7 house, but I didn’t actually have any true final two deals with anyone.

Q: If your students wanted to audition to participate on BBCAN, would you encourage or discourage them?

A: Definitely I would encourage them to go for it and to challenge themselves!

Q: Left in the house, the boys out number the girls. Why do you think the girls couldn’t get together? Which of the evicted girls do you wish you had worked with?

A: The girls all had different styles of gameplay and different personalities, none of them meshed so it didn’t work. I would have loved to have worked with Laura.

Q: What will win your jury vote? (Ie: honesty, loyalty, comp wins?)

A: A blend of everything. Lies are okay, but if you have a repertoire of nothing but lies I will have a hard time respecting that. To me strategic conversations are different than unnecessary lies.

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