Christine Kelsey was nominated by Loveita for “not talking game” in the house. She was evicted from the game last night by a close vote of 6-5 and is the third person to be evicted from BBCAN4. The votes against Christine were: Mitchell, Kelsey, Philippe/Nick, Joel, Raul and Jared.

As a member of the blogging media, I was able to interview Christine today and allowed a few questions to ask the evicted houseguest. On the live feeds I personally found that Christine seemed a bit out of place and unmotivated. She waited too long to campaign for herself to stay in the game and in the end ran out of time to convince her fellow houseguests to keep her. I’m sure it was hard to be around people much younger than herself, however she could have made more use of the opportunity to be in the game and spend less time isolating herself in the bedroom. Here are my questions for Christine.

Q. Out of your goodbye messages shown, which one was your favourite and why? Was there one you didn’t like? 

A. I think I liked them all, they seemed to be positive. I was in shock and really only remembered a few of them. Dallas was adorable and Tim’s message was so heartfelt and I believed him and what he was saying. I only remember Mitch, Dallas and Tim. Like I said, I kind of blacked out.

Q. You seemed to spend a lot of time in bed (as seen on the live feeds,) were you not feeling well, stressed/bored, or was this your strategy to lay low and keep out of sight? 

A. It’s coincidental that live feeds showed me laying around, I don’t know where that impression came from because I was not laying around more than any other houseguest, if anything I was laying around less than some. Maybe the live feeds were showing me in bed for some reason but I was actually one of the more active people in the house because I hated being told that “nap time is over,” so in the end I ended up not napping at all. At the beginning I did maybe nap a bit more because I was bored.

Q. Fun question. You wore a lot of animal print in the house, (i.e.: leopard, cheetah, cougar,) how is that pattern significant to you? Is it for good luck or just a favourite style? 

A. Its kind of a joke between my family and my friends, they’re always joking with me about it. I don’t wear that much leopard print in real life but I wanted to wear it on the show. I’m not going to lie and say I don’t like animal print, I love it but I mostly wore the same three pieces.

(Editor’s note: Christine’s interview was a bit tense and she definitely was taken aback that there is an impression of her sleeping too much in the Big Brother Canada house. I hope she enjoyed her unique opportunity to experience life as a BBCAN4 houseguest.)

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