Unprecedented twists have been the theme of the third season of Big Brother Canada and last night was no exception. Brittnee shocked the house revealing she had a super power that could change the nominations previously made by Ashleigh. Zach and Bruno went up on the block and Bruno was evicted by a unanimous vote of 4-0. This afternoon I was with 3 members of the blogging media selected to do exit interviews with the house guests and each blogger was allowed 3 quick questions to ask Bruno. The interview was carefully monitored due to the sensitive nature of the evictee being a jury member. Below is my chat with Bruno.

Q. This season has much of the cast in their early 20’s. You related well with the younger players in the game, what was your strategy to fit in? A. I grew up in a big family and have a lot of brothers and sisters including a 21 year old and a 19 year old so it is not new to me to hang out with people that age and just chill. I really wanted to deal with each person in the house one-on-one and not paint everyone with the same brush. I had to adapt and focus on each house guest as an individual and do my best to get to know them.

Q. Out of who is left playing the game, who would you not vote to win Big Brother Canada 3? A. Pilar 100 percent I will not in any situation vote to win. She is a sweet girl and I like her a lot, but I feel that she has not played the game at all but rather has been brought to the end. I will definitely not vote for Pilar.

Q. It’s been over 2 months with somewhat limited food options. If you could go to ANY take-out or restaurant, what would it be and what would you order? A. Chinese or Vietnamese food definitely is my favorite. I would hit up a Chinese food buffet and you would not be able to peel me away from there. I would eat everything and anything Chinese all day long and now you got me wanting some.

Those were my personal questions for the archive. Here are a couple tidbits from the other bloggers in the conference call, check them out!

  • Deena from Your Reality Recaps asked Bruno if he regretted fighting with Sarah? Bruno said yes, however emotions and tensions were high in the house. Bruno admits it impacted his game negatively. He also added that Godfrey was his true F2.
  • Matt from asked Bruno if he was prepared mentally for such massive twists in the house. Bruno said he was expecting big twists as its Big Brother Canada, however after the “Triple Eviction” he dropped the ball, he wasn’t on his toes and ready for another huge twist to happen so soon.

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