First to go during the triple eviction, Bobby left a good sport and even got to sit next to Emmett from season 1 during the Side Show.  Bobby was unavailable for immediate exit interviews after last week’s triple eviction, however Big Brother Canada allowed media access to chat with him today. The interview was carefully monitored due to the sensitive nature of the evictee being a jury member and members of the blogging media had to submit 3 questions for pre-approval. Below is my chat with Bobby.

Q. You’re a physical guy who enjoys “extreme sports,” what would you saywas the most physical competition? 

A. Well, I wouldn’t really call any of these competitions physical on my scale but the hardest on my body was the “Dam It” POV competition because the water was so cold and my muscles kept freezing up. My fingers wouldn’t open up at one point, all I had was a clenched fist and my forearms were stiff. I felt like passing out and even began hyperventilating.

Q. Who would you vote for as of right now to win Big Brother Canada 3? 

A. I would vote for either Sarah or Godfrey. Sarah is playing a great social game, has won a couple comps now and changed her gears to play close to Brittnee which was smart. Maybe Godfrey also as he was a target since the beginning by much of the house and has been able to play a great game weaving through the obstacles.

Q. What is the craziest thing to happen in the Jury House? 

A. What happens in the Jury House, stays in the Jury House, but I will give you something. A card game between me and Kevin comes to mind that I was going to lose but I had a deuce in my back pocket just like my fake veto, except this time it was the real deal, I really had the card. As Kevin was about to take me out I pulled out the two I had hidden and slapped it down on the table. Everyone was shocked, especially Kevin who thought for sure he was going to win. It was hilarious and I ended up winning!

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