BBCAN5 Premiere


Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 5 season premiere was interstellar as 16 house guests blast into orbit on the BBCAN5 Odyssey. Eight “second chancers” and Eight “first timers” were introduced to the studio audience by host Arisa Cox, then climbed the staircase to what is sure to by a galactic voyage through time and space, competing to win over $160,000 in money and prizes.

The first HOH competition was a test in gravity as the house guests were randomly paired and had to compete in teams of two with elements like freezing water testing how badly the players wanted this first Head of Household. In the end, it was a matter of sheer will, plus a few negotiations from 3 remaining teams that resulted in a winner. Details on who was crowned the first HOH in the BBCAN5 galaxy will be announced during tomorrow’s episode.

Arisa announced the first “shock wave” of the season, Canada’s Time Warp, granting one house guests immunity from eviction, keeping them save until jury begins.

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