Going out first has got to suck, but what’s probably worse is being asked how it feels to be evicted first from the #BBCAN2 house over and over again the next morning, therefore I wasn’t even going to go there. The purpose of my morning after interview slot is to give us fans a little something about the HGs that we don’t already know, so although I tailor my questions to the personality of each individual, expect my questions to be somewhat random.

First off, Anick was cheery and spunky which is why I like her as sassy and girly is how I roll. I let her know she has fans and was pretty popular so she can take comfort in the #BBCAN2 experience knowing she definitely peaked people’s curiosity.

Q: What is your “spirit animal?” 

A: Eagle or Wolf.

Q:Who in the #BBCAN2 house needs “positive energy?” 

A: Andrew and Ika.

Q:Do you have any bad habits?

 A: Nail biting.

Q:Tell me about your cats, what are their names? 

A: Zee is a black male and Nica is a tiny spotted female, named after her trip to Nicaragua.

Q:What is your flavour of ice cream? 

A: Chocolate.

Q:Favorite movie(s)? 

A: Shawshank Redemption and Comte of Monte Cristo.

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