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Andrew Gordon is not the first Andrew to play Big Brother Canada, the funny & loveable Andrew Monaghan made it to the final four before a production twist. It’s only a name, however I find it interesting how the two Andrews trigger a completely different fan response. Andrew 2.0, Gordo, Gordon, anti-Andrew and fake Andrew are some of the nick-names given to Andrew Gordon as some fans, myself included, wanted to somehow differ the one Andrew from the other. BBCAN2 Andrew on the live feeds was abrasive, sexist, and not fun to watch. I’m happy to say that my morning chat with Andrew Gordon was the opposite.

My “AM Quickie” chats with the exited house guests are to give us fans insight into their personalities. They are customized to each individual and somewhat whimsical.

Q: Who was the “weakest” of the “First Five” alliance?

A: Andrew wouldn’t use the word “weakest,” but as far as contributions to the alliance go, he would say Arlie participated the least in helping the alliance succeed.

Q: Your favourite beer?

A: Central City Red Racer IPA crafted out of Surrey, BC.

Q: What is your favorite tattoo? Do you have any tattoos you regret getting?

A: His favorite tattoo is the one on his back which is his family crest with his grandfather’s name on it. He got it after his grandfather died. His tattoos are usually 12-hour jobs, so he has no quick, or drunk tattoos he regrets.

Q: Favourite Calgary eatery?

A: Craft Beer Market Calgary.

Q: You are not the first Andrew to play in Big Brother Canada. How would you compare yourself to Season one’s Andrew Monaghan?

A: We both have the name Andrew, we are both male and we are both Canadian. In all seriousness, he seems like a decent guy.

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