Vanessa Forgets Her Poker Face – June 30th Screen Cap Update – #BB17

  • Date: Tuesday, June 30th, 2015
  • Song: “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa
  • BB17 Live Feeds Status: Manic

I woke up to the entire house blaming Audrey for everything and am going to bed with everyone in the house hating on Vanessa. I can only assume this is because the poker master neglected to wear her shades until late in the day. That reasoning is about as logical as things go in the Big Brother 17 house where more game has been played in this first week than all of last season combined. If you don’t recall BB16, don’t feel bad as that’s simply your brain protecting you from the mind-numbing boredom that was the most predictable season in the history of the game.

Later in the evening, Jace played “bad cop” to Steve trying to guilt him into rounding up the troops and saving him, or at least I think that was his strategy. Hard to tell as Jace has been an “asshole onion” and has many layers of jerk to peel back. Maybe he’s a nicer guy outside the house and we will soon find out as he is likely going to meet Julie Chen at this week’s live eviction.

All other house guests remain in 283 alliances, so I couldn’t tell you who is actually committed to whom, however the feeds are entertaining so you should purchase them. At $5.99/month you also get to view all previous seasons so you can give your head a break from the insanity of BB17 and catch up on the others. I do not sell the feeds, however I do have them and yes I am watching them from Canada. Here’s a tutorial on how you can also.

This is my quick summary of the screen caps for today included below. Click for the full BB17 Gallery.

Vanessa Forgets Her Poker Face – June 30th Screen Cap Update – #BB17