The House Guests Get the Gift of “Home” – #BBCAN3

Beck & Boosh are an East Coast company based out of Truro, NS and are known for their popular “Home” t-shirt designs. The brand is co-owned by two innovative women, Rebecca and Miriah, who locally source their materials and design their fashion and jewelry for “the everyday person.”

Previously Beck & Boosh gifted Big Brother Canada alumni such as Jon Pardy and Andrew Monaghan, (and his twin brother Pete,) with “Home” t-shirts, however for Big Brother Canada 3 they wanted to gift all the house guests with “Home” shirts to wear over their hearts. Beck & Boosh had the Western provinces specially designed for this occasion, making the shirts from B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba truly unique.

As you can see by the photos below, the house guests were thrilled to receive their gifts the morning after finale, it was truly a special way to top off their Big Brother Canada experience. Of special note, as I was about to board my flight home to Halifax, I ran into Bruno and Brittnee at the airport who were each wearing their “Home” t-shirts.

They say “home is wear the heart is” and Beck & Boosh have captured this sentiment perfectly in their design. You can check out their merchandise at Huge thanks to Rebecca an Miriah for making this all possible.


-Photos courtesy of Salt & Pepper Photography.

The House Guests Get the Gift of “Home” – #BBCAN3