Watch BBCAN2 Internationally

Instructions for Big Brother Canada #BBCAN2 24/7 Live Feed Viewing Outside of Canada. Subscribe to the #1 VPN (Virtual Private Network) on the web. See blog sidebar for details and start enjoying international TV immediately.

As per last season, the #BBCAN2 24/7 live feeds will be “geoblocked.” What this means is that if your IP address is outside of Canada, you will not be able to watch. Fear not, there is a simple work around so fans of Big Brother can watch the #BBCAN2 24/7 live feeds worldwide.

1. You will need is what is called a VPN (Virtual Personal Network.) This sounds more intimidating than it actually is, a VPN takes 5 minutes tops to configure. Purchase this first HERE:

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BB15 24/7 Live Feeds, Canada Can Watch Also! VPN

BB15 24/7 Live Feeds, Canada Can Watch Also! Read this article for our recommended VPN so you can avoid CBS’s geocaching and watch outside the USA.

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