#BBCAN2 “AM Quickie” Exit Interview with Scott Bosse

Scott Bosse was 1 of 3 #FINALHG who fans had the choice to vote into the #BBCAN2 house, but didn’t. You’d think that might get a guy down, but not in the case of this drag queen diva who exuded positive energy and enthusiasm during his exit interview.

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#BBCAN2 “AM Quickie” Exit Interview with Anick Gervais

Going out first has got to suck, but what’s probably worse is being asked how it feels to be evicted first from the #BBCAN2 house over and over again the next morning, so I wasn’t even going to go there.

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Watch BBCAN2 Internationally

Instructions for Big Brother Canada #BBCAN2 24/7 Live Feed Viewing Outside of Canada. Subscribe to the #1 VPN (Virtual Private Network) on the web. See blog sidebar for details and start enjoying international TV immediately.

As per last season, the #BBCAN2 24/7 live feeds will be “geoblocked.” What this means is that if your IP address is outside of Canada, you will not be able to watch. Fear not, there is a simple work around so fans of Big Brother can watch the #BBCAN2 24/7 live feeds worldwide.

1. You will need is what is called a VPN (Virtual Personal Network.) This sounds more intimidating than it actually is, a VPN takes 5 minutes tops to configure. Purchase this first HERE:

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Big Brother Canada 2 House Guest Bios

Big Brother Canada 2 House Guest Bios – In season 1, Big Brother Canada was highly praised for casting a visually and ethnically diverse group of hgs.

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Big Brother Canada 2 Houseguests Revealed

Following an extensive coast-to-coast search, Big Brother Canada is back with a new crew of eclectic houseguests competing in the follow-up season to the country’s number one specialty reality series of 2013*. Big Brother Canada returns to Slice™ on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 9pm ET/PT with a special presentation of the premiere airing simultaneously on Global.

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Big Brother Canada 2 House

Big Brother Canada released photos of the #BBCAN2 house today on their facebook page and are the new house guests ever in for a treat as it is gorgeous!

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