Sindy Evicted and On Her Way to “S”equester – #BBCAN3

Sindy was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house by a vote of 12-0 and is now on her way to “S”equester. I had a chance to quickly chat with her this afternoon via conference call and can say she was confident and excited for her chance to return to the game. I was with 3 members of the blogging media during the call and each blogger was allowed 3 quick questions to ask Sindy. The interview was carefully monitored due to the sensitive nature of the evicted house guest having a 1 in 5 chance to return into the game via the “KFC twist.”

Q. Which of the guys in the house would you say is the most over-confident? A. Graig and Godfrey. Graig has bragged about sleeping with over 100 women. Godfrey has bragged about the same. They’re always giving each other advice on picking up women and think they are the most attractive men to walk on the earth, which they aren’t. They are not attractive at all in the house compared to Zach and at least Zach is humble.

Q. Of the girls, who do you find the most insecure? A. Willow, she is in a way like me. Willow is very outgoing and “out there” with a big, bubbly personality but it’s her way of covering up her insecurities. She has had bad experiences in love, and genuinely thought Big Brother hated her and was always worried about getting called out.  For example, when we were all getting into trouble for the broken camera, Willow felt like Big Brother was the most mad at her. Willow also broke down a few times crying. I hope that Willow’s confidence boosts post-game as I’m sure Willow has fans who think she is beautiful. Just like me, Willow uses her over-the-top personality to cover up things she is insecure about.

Q. How good a kisser is Jordan & did you feel awkward making out on camera? A. Jordan is a good kisser or I wouldn’t continue to kiss him. It was very awkward as I could hear and see the cameras following us everywhere. Our mics were on the entire time, which was also uncomfortable. It made me a bit shy, and I am not a shy person. I would even tell Jordan to “stop” shyly, which is something I wouldn’t normally do. I was shocked to see Jordan aggressively taking control of the situation to get more kisses. He even asked me to spend the night in the HOH room with him, which I was not going to do, not on camera.

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Those were my personal questions for the archive. Here are a couple tidbits from the other bloggers in the conference call, check them out!

  • Jon from Your Reality Recaps asked Sindy if introducing herself as “Sindy with an S” put a target on her back. Sindy replied that yes, it probably did but also that she was ” the prettiest girl wearing a sparkly dress looking like a princess” which also had a lot to do with being nominated.
  • Matt from asked Sindy why she snubbed Graig specifically when she left. Sindy replied that her relationship with Graig went downhill as the week went on. She appreciated Godfrey’s genuine apology, however Graig did not once apologize and continued to accuse her of breaking the camera.


That’s all for now from Sindy. Do you think she will return to the game with the KFC twist and if so, will she be able to rekindle her romance with Jordan or will he have moved on?

Sindy is on her way to Sequester – #BBCAN3