Naeha Instantly Evicted – #BBCAN3

Naeha was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house by a vote of 9-2 in a dramatic “Instant Eviction” twist.  Instant Eviction is a controversial game twist because there is no Power of Veto and the nominated house guests do not have a chance to save themselves.  I had a chance to quickly chat with her this afternoon via conference call and can say I was blown away by the depth of BBCAN3 game knowledge this girl has. I was with 3 members of the blogging media during the call and each blogger was allowed 3 quick questions to ask Naeha. The interview was carefully monitored due to the sensitive nature of the evicted house guest having a 1 in 5 chance to return into the game via the “KFC twist.”

Q. Currently who is positioned best in the Big Brother Canada house? A. One hundred percent Zach. Ninety percent of the girls want to be with him and ninety percent of the guys want to be with him too. Everybody loves him, he’s Captain Canada, loved by all. Zach is nice, fit, sincere and going to win this game if the situation doesn’t change.

Q. Who do you think is the weakest player? A. I’d unfortunately have to say Brittnee, though she’s my friend. I feel that she doesn’t understand the game at all. Sarah and I tried to coach her on the game but I’m not sure we got through to her. I can see Brittnee being used as a pawn. She might go far in the game as she is an easy person to take out. On the other hand, if people don’t want to get blood on their hands they might decided to evict Brittnee as a weak player.

Q. Your hair is gorgeous, is it all yours? A.(Laughs,) Thank you so much! Yes, this is all my hair, no extensions, it’s 100% genuine and mine. I take good care of it and it is luminous and I love it also, thanks!

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Those were my personal questions for the archive. Here are a couple tidbits from the other bloggers in the conference call, check them out!

  • Jon from Your Reality Recaps asked Naeha if she had kept Sindy in the game, would she have been safe? Naeha said she tried to keep Sindy, and if she had succeeded that yes, she thinks things would still be in the game. Sarah was scared that Naeha was pushing to keep Sindy too hard and that if she pushed for it more she would become the target.
  • Matt from asked Naeha if it was frustrating to not get to play veto. Naeha said it was the worst feeling in the world. Her worst fear was being evicted first, but this is worse. She said it is a tough pill to swallow and feels like the love of her life broke up with her, complete and utter pain from her chest to the pit of her stomach. She was targeted from day 1 and that some house guests would call her “Neda” on purpose, mocking her strong game knowledge.

That’s all for now from Naeha. Do you think she will return to the game with the KFC twist and if so, what will her strategy be her second time in the BBCAN3 house? My overall impression of her is that Naeha is as smart as she is gorgeous and knows this game hard core. I personally hope to see her back in the Big Brother Canada house.

Naeha Instantly Evicted – #BBCAN3