Mark Chrysler Exits the BBCAN5 Odyssey

In the first eviction episode of this season, Mark Chrysler from Edmonton, AB was the first Big Brother Canada houseguest to be evicted from the BBCAN Odyssey. This eviction makes series history, as a male houseguest has never been first to go home before. Put up for eviction by HOH Karen, and against 25-year-old Demetres Giannitsos of Edson, AB. When returning houseguest Bruno Ielo won the Power of Veto, he chose not to use it to save either Demetres or Mark from the block, leaving the two brawny Albertans to battle it out for the rest of the week. The houseguests made their final choice and in a vote of 7-6, 24-year-old Mark was sent home.

Q: Finding out you were playing with 8 returning house guests must have come as a shock. Which returnee do you think is the weakest and strongest?

A: I think Kevin is the strongest by far, he did an awesome job staying under the radar and playing with a great strategy of aligning with the boys, while also being in good with all the girls. His social game on point and he’s laying low. Gary and Ika also seemed to be “running the show.”

Sindy in my opinion is the weakest returnee as she’s stirring up trouble and getting in trouble with her fellow vets.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she was evicted soon.

Q: You’re very much into fitness and said in your bio that you thought physical challenges would be your strength. How hard was that first HOH competition and do you think it is a competition where being strong wasn’t necessarily an asset?

A: This competition was for smaller competitors, it was strictly endurance. I didn’t want to give up, but I remember looking over at Sindy and she wasn’t moving at all, she was solid. I knew they were going to take it right off the bat. Dallas and I made a deal and thought we had their word and that we’d be safe. I fell as I couldn’t hold on any longer.

Q: You’ve done some modelling before becoming a BBCAN5 house guest, do you have plans to model more in the future and is there a place your fans can go to look at your portfolio?

A: That part of my life was really just a random hobby, I never thought I would turn it into a career or do it full time. I think I’ll just keep in touch with fans on social media and post a few photos there.

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“It feels to me like someone in the house was really gunning to get me out of there,” said Mark to host Arisa Cox after disembarking the BBCAN Odyssey. “I really don’t know who it was and I tried hard to stay in the house but I just couldn’t get them to vote in my favour.”

At the end of the show Arisa rocked the BBCAN Odyssey when she revealed the season’s first official “Shockwave” to the houseguests. Canada had been voting for the past 24 hours to transport one houseguest into the future, granting them immunity until jury begins. While the houseguest who was chosen to experience “Canada’s Time Warp” is safe and can’t be nominated until jury begins, they will still be a full-fledged houseguest who can compete for HOH, become a Have Not, and vote. After outlining the rules, Arisa announced that BBCAN veteran Neda Kalantar from Vancouver, B.C. was the lucky houseguest to benefit from this unparalleled power, having received the majority of Canada’s votes in a tight race to the finish.

To see the houseguests’ reactions to the shocking news of Neda’s immunity, and to find out who wins the next Head of Household competition, tune into Big Brother Canada on Monday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global.

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 Mark Chrysler Exits the BBCAN5 Odyssey