Losing Gravity, Emily Hawkin is Evicted from the BBCAN5 Odyssey

This week Big Brother Canada took the drama into the stratosphere, shocking the houseguests with a double eviction. Eviction night began with the houseguests deciding to send Toronto, Ontario’s Emily Hawkin home, in a vote of 8 to 1. After Emily’s departure, the BBCAN Odyssey hit some major turbulence as host Arisa Cox announced to the houseguests that their night was far from over and they were about to embark on the season’s first double eviction.

Q. As a new player, were any of the returnees intimidating and which one did you really want to align with?

A. Ika is the scariest human being I have ever met in my life. Her confidence, presence, everything about her is so powerful and overwhelming. It’s amazing. Right of the bat I wanted to work with Bruno. After our first conversation I found Bruno to be so warm and welcoming and reassuring that I just wanted to work with him. I also had high hopes for me and Neda or Cass to work together, but you saw how that didn’t work out.

Q. When Arisa asked about you and Dillon outside the house, you referred to it as a friendship. Were you open to having a showmance going into the house and how much of your relationship with Dillon was strategy?

A. I was very open to a showmance, am very single, I need some love. Zero percent of my time with Dillon was strategy. If I was smart I would have distanced myself from Dillon and stayed away from him as from the start he was a big target in the game.

Q. Imagine you are writing a song about your BBCAN5 experience, what would the song title be?

A. What Alliance? (Really.)

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Toronto, Canada – Vancouver, British Columbia’s Neda Kalantar’s dramatic eviction was the fallout of Arisa’s shocking news, and marked the shattering end to a very shifty week.

When William won last week’s Head of Household competition, it was his mission to make a dent in the powerful alliance that had been ruling the house, taking out his allies each week. Working with his “French Connection” alliance-mate Dre Gwenaelle to select nominees, they settled on putting big time boxer, Dillon Carman and his showmance partner Emily on the block together – again. Ultimately, Emily paid the price, and was evicted from the BBCAN Odyssey.

“Dillon is going to be crying all the time now that I’m out of the house,” said Emily Hawkin. “He’s such a cool dude and I really hope that he can win, but if he doesn’t, I hope that Bruno does.”

After Emily’s eviction, the BBCAN Odyssey went into warp-speed as another HOH competition immediately began. Sindy succeeded (with an “S”) to take the title and nominated Dillon and Jackie for eviction. The “Wired for Veto” POV competition was a tight race to the finish, but Jackie was the first to buzz in, seizing the power. Jackie chose to use the POV on herself, leaving Sindy to choose a replacement nominee. Following the POV, a tense confrontation exploded between two of “The Six’s” alliance members. Ika and Neda’s festering frienemy relationship came to a head with each trying to convince fellow alliance member, Sindy, to put the other one on the block as her replacement nominee. The backdoor scenario left Neda reeling and in attempt to save her life in the house, she exposed her alliance with Ika to get the target off her own back. Unable to keep Sindy in her corner, and with her nomination immunity now defunct, Neda was named the replacement nominee and in a vote of 7 to 1, she became the first member of Big Brother Canada’sSeason 5 jury.

“I lasted an hour without my immunity,” said Neda Kalantar after her eviction. “Ika is so backstabbing and I tried to tell my alliance about her but I just couldn’t get through to them. The houseguests voted the wrong person out.”

With the Odyssey two passengers lighter, and Jury House filling new vacancies, this week’s Head of Household competition will be one to watch. Find out who takes the title on Monday’s episode of Big Brother Canada at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global.

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Losing Gravity, Emily Hawkin is Evicted from the BBCAN5 Odyssey