Inside the Big Brother Canada House – #BBCAN3

Prior to interviewing the house guests in the backyard of the Big Brother Canada house the blogging media were given the opportunity to explore inside. This opportunity did not disappoint and we peeked into every nook and cranny we could find, opening drawers and cupboards to find leftover treasures from BBCAN3, including Godfrey’s chicken feet in the deep freezer.

Godfrey's Chicken Feet

We were able to enter the vault which was impressively detailed with hundreds of keyed safety deposit boxes and even had some of the “jury eviction” keys remaining on the table.

Vault Votes

The highlight of these explorations was walking down the hallway into the diary room and sitting in that infamous chair. Incidentally, the diary room hallway is extremely hot, it felt like a sauna as it was heavily lit and there seemed to be no ventilation.

DR Cat

Overall the house was stunning with impressive and detailed art direction in every room. Check out the photos below for a little peek of what we saw inside the Big Brother Canada house.

-Photos courtesy of Salt & Pepper Photography.

Inside the Big Brother Canada House – #BBCAN3