Finale Media Day Audio Interviews – BBCAN4

Finale Media Day Audio Interviews – BBCAN4

About these interviews, I decided in the end to NOT edit the audio files. There is a lot of  “off interview” chatter in places where I had spare time with the houseguests which I normally would edit out and clean up, but I figured some of you might enjoy hearing this as well, so it is a bit messy in places. Below are the audio sessions in the order that they were scheduled by PR. You can listen to the entire playlist, or choose to listen to the houseguests interviews individually. The houseguests were paired up all but the Final 4, and we had 10 minutes maximum per grouping including greetings, goodbyes & photos to be taken. I’d like to thank each of the houseguests for their time, it was once again an amazing opportunity.

Note: I have included any snapchats also done with the houseguests underneath each audio file for those interested, including the impromptu “Tass” moment I was lucky to catch.

Gifts given to the houseguests are from:

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“Moose” Scarves can be purchased HERE from @beckandboosh

BBCAN4 Playlist – All 10 Sessions

BBCAN4 Finale


Joel & Raul

Nikki & Mitch

Jared & Ramsey

Dallas & Loveita

Christine & Maddy

Paige & Sharry


Nick & Phil