Finale Back Yard Interviews with the House Guests – #BBCAN3

As part of the blogging media, the pinnacle of Big Brother Canada finale week is always the privilege of being invited to interview the house guests in the back yard the next morning. Fresh from the high of finale night, the house guests are always eager to discuss the game results and Big Brother Canada 3 did not disappoint. With Sarah and Godfrey as the final 2 it was a win-win situation as all house guests said in their interviews that both finalists were legitimate winners and that the vote could have gone either way. Congratulations goes to Sarah Hanlon on her win, and to Godfrey Mangwiza as runner-up. They both made Toronto and their families proud.

 Brittnee 2♦ Brittnee – My first interview was with Brittnee Blair who I have to say is stunning in person. This beautiful girl exudes radiance, warmth and is full of spirit. Poised in peach and black, Brittnee discussed how proud she was of Sarah for winning Big Brother Canada 3 and described how impressive Sarah’s social game truly was. Brittnee agreed that Godfrey also had an excellent mental game, however Sarah’s social game was more obvious to her, whereas Godfrey played more stealthly and it wasn’t always easy to see what he was up to.

For fun I asked Brittnee what her favorite place to shop was and she answered Forever21.

 Zach♦ Zach – Next up was Zach Oleynik who is as tall and handsome as he looks on screen. An obvious athlete, I found his confidence was balanced with a kindness that made him unassertive. Knowing Zach’s competitive nature, I asked him if he would have voted for Godfrey had he known that Godfrey won the final Head of Household competition. Zach replied that it might have swayed his vote a little bit, however Sarah’s social game was so strong that he likely still would have voted for her.

Knowing he loves sports, I asked Zach what he missed watching. Zach said he is really looking forward to watching the upcoming season of CFL football.

Pilar♦Pilar – Pilar Nemer was sweet, spunky and full of spirit. She seemed excited to talk to the media and was eager to discuss her home province of Nova Scotia. Having had time to bond with Sarah in the final weeks of the game, Pilar said her vote was easy as Sarah played such a strong social game. Pilar didn’t spend a lot of time around Godfrey so she wasn’t able to get a fix on his game. I asked Pilar if she knew why most of the juror questions were directed to Sarah and Pilar said there was some production confusion as in rehearsal they had five questions for each finalist.

For the “Kevlar” fans I asked Pilar where she’d like to go on a date with Kevin. Her reply was somewhere quiet and outdoors.

Bruno HOME T♦Bruno – Bruno Ielo was warm, enthusiastic and such an easy guy to talk to; very true to his on screen personality. Bruno voted for Godfrey and said he fought hard to show the other jurors how impressive a psychological game Godfrey was playing, that Godfrey essentially had played the entire game alone. Bruno spent a lot of time hanging out with Godfrey in the house, forming their alliance of two “Black and Bru.”

I asked Bruno if he was able to get his craving fix for “Chinese food” in sequester and he replied that he indeed had some Chinese take-out the previous night.

Kevin♦Kevin – Kevin Martin exudes so much merriment.  I asked Kevin why he voted for Sarah and if Godfrey’s game style was too stealthy. Kevin said he knew Godfrey was playing a great psychological game, however Sarah’s game was more “in your face” and easier to recognize and it edged out Godfrey’s more laid back style.

I let Kevin know I had earlier asked Pilar where she would like him to take her on a date and he correctly guessed “outside somewhere quiet, maybe on a picnic.”

Willow 2♦Willow – Willow MacDonald was evicted part of an unprecedented “triple eviction” twist, however during back yard interviews she was in great spirits, cheerful and fun to talk to. Being from both Calgary and Halifax myself, we have our home cities in common and Willow discussed how she missed the small town, laid back lifestyle of Nova Scotia.

Willow was closest to Sarah inside the Big Brother Canada house so it was no surprise that Sarah had her vote. She agreed that both finalists were great and that either could have won but she was glad that in the end it was “her girl Sarah.”

Bobby♦Bobby – Bobby Hlad was “sick” which means “cool” in skater talk and the description fits. Bobby was Godfrey’s other vote (along with Bruno.) He said that he was in awe of the superb, smooth game Godfrey played, making no enemies and getting “no blood on his hands,” playing a solo game straight from the start. Bobby and Bruno both campaigned inside the jury house on Godfrey’s behalf, however Sarah’s social game was stronger and they couldn’t sway the votes.

Bobby was asked why he wears shoelaces as a belt and he replied that it’s a “skateboarder” thing, that belts can chafe and cut the midriff when doing crunches low down.

Sindy♦Sindy – Sindy Nguyen with an S was charming. She was funny and dazzling in hot pink and rhinestones (click to see shoes,) and let us know that although she and JP are not “together,” they are very good friends. Sindy praised Sarah’s social game for being assertive and relentless pointing out that Sarah was almost never alone, instead non-stop socializing with as many people as possible in the Big Brother Canada house.

Complimenting her dress, I asked Sindy if she was always glamorous, or if she had a casual side to her. Sindy admitted that although she likes to look pretty, she also has a casual side and relaxes at home without make up or heels.

JP♦JP – Jordan Parhar gave me my one and only shout out on the Big Brother Canada live feeds and he did it not only twice, but got my twitter handle (@Catvanzyl) spelling right both times. How could I not love this guy? He made the biggest mistake in the history of the game, volunteering to go up as a pawn, but who’s to say we all wouldn’t do something as risky inside the house? Jordan said he was on the fence deciding between voting for Sarah or Godfrey, however as other house guests also said, Sarah’s game was more obvious to see.

I mentioned to Jordan that he had a large fan following online and that people enjoyed his in-depth “Superfan” knowledge of the game.

Johnny♦Johnny – Johnny Colatruglio was adorable during interviews, no really, just look at this photo. Johnny was happy with the finale results, rooting for Sarah to win, however said he was overall happy with who ended up being the final two contestants which was the general theme of the morning; it was a win-win either way for most house guests.

I asked Johnny what was up next for him and he said he was eager to get back to normal life in Winnipeg and mentioned that “Pride” events were coming up early June and that Naeha and other fellow alumni might come and visit him soon.

Naeha♦Naeha – Naeha Sareen was as bright as she was beautiful. This clever girl has the world at her fingertips as a young entrepreneur. I asked her what was next for her post Big Brother Canada and she said she was going to focus on expanding and promoting her businesses including her gourmet chocolate truffles, line of luxury clutches, and a new venture designing hand & arm jewelry influenced by her Indian heritage.

Naeha was a strong supporter of Sarah and thrilled that she won. Although Naeha’s Big Brother Canada experience was cut short, she enjoyed being in the house and was looking forward to meeting her fans.

Graig & Risha♦Graig & Risha – Graig Merritt & Risha Denner were both charming, charismatic, and clever. I wish we had been able to have more time getting to know them in this game, however that’s now how the cards were dealt this season. Both have genuine personalities and encourage fans of Big Brother Canada to follow them on Twitter to get to know each further than the game allowed. Graig can be found here, and Risha can be found here.

Graig and Risha both said they would have voted for Godfrey, however that Sarah also played an excellent game well worth winning.

Ashleigh Close Up♦Ashleigh – Ashleigh Wood is a beautiful girl with a great competitive spirit. She was taller in person than I expected which might have been due to her awesome shoes, (click to see shoes,) but just as lovely as on screen.

I asked her how difficult the first part of the final Head of Household competition “End of Days” was. She said she hated quitting but that she truly had nothing left physically to give.

Godfrey♦Godfrey – Godfrey Mangwiza was my pick to win Big Brother Canada 3. I said it on the Dick at Nite preseason show and I complimented Godfrey on playing a very impressive game. I asked Godfrey if his mental game was perhaps too thorough because many of his fellow house guests weren’t able to see what he was playing at. He admitted he might have played his psychological game a little too hard, however he accomplished what he set out to do strategically which was to get through the game alone without making enemies.

Godfrey plans on diving back into his University studies in the Fall.

Sarah♦Sarah – Sarah Hanlon was a humble winner and that is something I admire. So thankful for the experience, Sarah said she hadn’t slept the previous night, instead replayed the evening’s events through her head. Sarah said her strategy was to be everywhere she could be at all times, constantly chatting with people, being both seen and heard. It worked brilliantly as this was consistently the reason why 7 jurors said they gave her their vote.

Sarah’s number one wish post Big Brother Canada was to take some time off to relax with her boyfriend Scott and their dogs.

-Photos courtesy of Salt & Pepper Photography.

Finale Back Yard Interviews with the House Guests – #BBCAN3