Bruno Ielo is Blasted Out of the BBCAN5 Odyssey!

Another returning player took a one-way trip to the jury house this week, as Big Brother Canada’s Bruno Ielo of Ottawa, Ont. is sent packing in a vote of 5 to 1. Bruno knew he and his ride-or-die Kevin Martin were in hot water. Despite a compelling plea to Demetres and his queen Ika Wong suggesting they all reunite to take out the floating newbies, Bruno and Kevin saw their worst nightmare come true as they were nominated alongside one another.

Q: Which situation was harder;  walking out blindsided S3, no bags packed, or spending the week knowing you had little chance of staying and packing your bags?

A: They’re both interesting situations. I didn’t see it coming, the last time, it was so sudden and I was gone in the blink of an eye. This time around I knew it was done and made my peace with it. I got to enjoy my time this last week and just hang out with people. I spent a lot of time getting to know Karen and enjoyed hanging out with Kevin. Easier would for sure be last time as it was just like a band-aid being ripped off.

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Q: Bruno and Cassandra. What was it about you two that made it impossible for you to work together?

A: Once there’s no trust, there’s no trust, and right off the bat we didn’t see eye to eye. There was no connection whatsoever and Cassandra was mad at me when I won the POV. After that I couldn’t make any progress with her. We just didn’t mesh.

Q: During our S3 exit interview I asked you what your first meal outside of the Big Brother house would be and you answered 100% Chinese food, that it is your favorite. How tempted were you during the “Buzzkilled” HOH competition? Why didn’t you go for an egg roll?

A:You have no idea how hard that was for me, no idea. Chinese food is my favorite and the smells were killing me. I was so mad at Dillon, he kept grabbing egg rolls and had a feast right next to me, it was absolute torture but I didn’t want to risk it. I figured the second I left my post the buzzer would go off, yet there went Dillon time and time again.

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When he was unable to keep close enough count in the harrowingly distracting “100 Minutes of Heaven” Power of Veto competition, Bruno lost his last chance to save himself from the block. While Kevin was miraculously rescued by William’s Secret Power of Veto and feisty Karen Singbeil was named a nominee in his place, Bruno was unable to convince enough of his housemates that keeping him would be in their best interest, and he became the third second-chance houseguest to be sent to the jury house.

“You know what, if my enemies in the house were in power, I was going home, and if my side of the house was in power, I’d still be going home,” said Bruno. “It was just a tough go, but I have nothing but respect for everyone in there. Such great competitors, and such a great season!”

When William’s secret power was used, Demetres was forced to get more blood on his hands, putting Karen on the block and weakening her faith in him. Karen confronted Demetres immediately following the anything but normal POV ceremony cursing his decision and unleashing what would become a week of misery in the house with all the houseguests running for cover from a very angry and paranoid Karen. Determined to keep the jury house newbie-free, Dre took it upon herself to campaign for a crumbling Karen, and managed to keep her safe despite her bad attitude. Bruno will join veterans Sindy and Neda at the jury house this week, where the two have been keeping busy reconnecting with nature…and dissecting their dramatic departures.
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Bruno Ielo is Blasted out of the BBCAN5 Odyssey!