Big Brother Canada’s Arisa Cox – The Host with the Most – #BBCAN3

Arisa Cox - BBCAN3

I am a very lucky Superfan because this morning I was offered a chance to interview Big Brother Canada’s Arisa Cox, whom I like to refer to as “The Host with the Most.” Arisa had only a few minutes to chat so after fan-girling and mutually discussing how exciting the premiere of #BBCAN3 is, I was able to squeeze in the following 3 questions. She was candid, honest and as enthusiastic as ever, enjoy!

Q1: Moving to the “big network” GlobalTV, does it feel any different on set? More exciting?

There are 241 people who work on the show and quality across the board is key. Everyone does their job to such a high standard. The focus is to keep things innovative and fresh. We want to impress the world, turn heads and make things exciting. Putting out the best product, getting new viewers and having people enthusiastic about the show is what drives them.

Q2: Do you notice any differences in cast between seasons? How is this cast different from S1 and S2?

Casting is awesome, Robyn Kass is a boss at what she does and never disappoints. This years cast is incredible and people will see that once they are able to see them interact on the live feeds. Last year (S2) seemed less “buddy buddy” than first year (S1.) In BBCAN2 there were real blow ups and fights early on, it felt more grown up. There is an entire cast of “Superfans” this year, that was their goal. They are going to be thrown for a loop frequently and it will be key for them to adapt.

Q3: You always look so healthy, your skin glows – what’s your secret? What beauty product can’t you live without?

Mascara!! Can I say that? Mascara! Conditioner in my hair in the shower, that’s it. I keep it very minimal and believe that your natural oils will keep you healthy. Not too much product. Being happy helps your skin, I truly believe that being happy in life is the secret.

Arisa had to leave to be “on set,” but I was thrilled to have the few minutes to chat that we did. I will be talking to her again soon, but in the meantime why don’t you follow her on Twitter at @arisacox


 Big Brother Canada’s Arisa Cox – The Host with the Most – #BBCAN3