Big Brother Canada 24/7 Live Feed for USA/Intl

Big Brother Canada Live Stream Viewing Outside of Canada

Internet proxies will not work with the new big brother website as they are not set up to read the latest javascript or flash programming.

What you will need is what is called a VPN (Virtual Personal Network.)  This sounds more intimidating than it actually is, a VPN takes 5-10 minutes tops to configure. If you don’t mind ads, then there are many free alternatives out there for you to use.  If you do mind ads, VPNs average $4 – 10 a month to subscribe to. You will be able to watch websites ANYWHERE worldwide.

1.Just Free VPN Follow the instructions in the second link  –

“when you are setting up the workplace connection/ you enter ca.justfreevpn. com / as the location/ justfreevpn as username/ pass is 6379 – @LynchMgm”

*NOTE: there may be bandwith limits on this so if you are are spending a ton of time on the live feeds, please go to alternative #2 – its pretty economical.

2.HideMyAss is my recommendation if you are a heavy feed watcher. Also recommended by Keith at BBChatter. No advertisements this way! $11/month, not bad –

Use the above if you are a heavy feed watcher.

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