Big Brother Canada 24/7 Live Feeds!

We have an answer to the question most Big Brother fans have been asking: will Big Brother Canada have 24/7 live feeds? According to a press release issued by Shaw Media, parent company of Slice, the answer is Yes! Not only will Big Brother Canada have 24/7 live feeds, but they will also be FREE and in HD (high definition.)

Canadian fans have the chance to: eavesdrop on the houseguests 24 hours a dayvote on twists and turnsengage with the houseguests and play the Big Brother CanadaPower Play game for points, prizes and powerBig Brother Canada and all digital components launch February 27th on SliceTM and at

It sounds like Insight Productions has big plans for fans to socially engage with the Big Brother Canada House. Fans have been promised many opportunities to make decisions that will impact the game including saving a player and a possible say in who is evicted.

Another surprise announcement is the Big Brother Canada Power Play game for fans to play online. Details from Shaw Media are posted below,

The site’s Big Brother Canada Power Play prediction game is the ultimate opportunity for the uber-fan. Power Play will give Canadians the best interactive platform to play along while watching the show. Each week fans will be asked to lock in their predictions for who will win Head of Household and the Power of Veto competitions, who will be put up on the block and ultimately who will be evicted. The more each fan participates in the game, the more points they accumulate, and the more potential they have to win prizes and power to shape what’s happening on air.

As if free 24/7 live feeds weren’t enough of a treat for the Big Brother fan, the feeds will be in HD (high definition,) something BBUSA fans have been asking for. View the “featured image” for this post for a close up look at the HD cameras Shaw Media has installed in the Big Brother Canada house.

I admit that at first I was skeptical about Big Brother Canada having 24/7 live feeds, but the show’s producers have provided beyond my wildest dreams as a live feed watcher.