#BB15 Big Brother 15 House: It’s Decked Out 1960s

A little bit of Pan-Am and a whole lot of Mad Men went into the design of the 1960s inspired BB15 house. Although the house itself has not changed since BB6, each season the interior goes through an extensive overhaul, this year seeing many changes made including a re-designed kitchen with both a microwave and a large central island.

BB15 Kitchen

My favorite room is the bathroom. I just love the sauna feel with floor to wall woodwork and benching, both a perfect place for some spa time or maybe a bit of scheming. I also like how they kept the color palette in the bathroom to a minimum using only white and maroon.

BB15 Bathroom

The room I like the least in the BB15 house is definitely the HOH room which is disappointing as that room is supposed to be the highlight. Instead of being wowed by the “futuristic” theme, it comes off as overdone and is a far stretch from the 60s look of the rest of the house. Personally the neon purple lighting is hard on the eyes and not relaxing at all which might be a good thing as the HOH should spend as little time as possible in that room and focus instead on any scheming going on outside the HOH room doors.


Those are my thoughts on what I like and don’t like about the newly decorated Big Brother house. You can check out a photo mosaic of all the rooms and decor below. CBS overall did a fantastic job, what do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below or on my twitter at @Catvanzyl