Big Brother 1 – Where it All Began

With Big Brother 15 literally right around the corner I thought it might be fun to look back at where the game began with the first season of BBUSA.

Here are some photos of the first Big Brother USA house. It was much smaller than the current BB house without an HOH room and with even less privacy. The decor is very plain and with neither the theme nor the pizzazz the current BB15 house has to offer.

BB1 Living Room Sofas

One character to emerge from the first season of BBUSA is that of George Boswell, otherwise known as Chicken George. George was the only member of BB1 to return for the 7th “All-Stars” season of Big Brother.

BB1 Chicken George “Boswell”

Like pets? The houseguests were very lucky to enjoy caring for “Chiquita,” a fawn colored pug as the first BBUSA pet. Chiquita seemed to have fun in the BB1 house with a few entertaining incidents. Once, houseguest Josh had to “rescue” her after she fell into the swimming pool!

BB1 Chiquita & Staff

You can view more photos from BB1 in the gallery below. Who was your favorite houseguest from the first season of Big Brother USA? Any favorite moments you remember watching on the live feeds? Better question yet, were you a subscriber to the first season of Big Brother USA? Feel free to comment below.

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