BBCAN4 Live Feeds & Updates – March 4

The live feeds were down for much of today as production was filming a lengthy “Have Not” competition that seemed to involve throwing water balloons to earn food. Joel, Sharry, Loveita and Cassandra ended up being on the losing team and are this week’s 4 “have nots.”

Joel was paranoid about being nominated and going up on the block and went throughout the house seeking reassurance that he is safe.

Jared, Kelsey, Philippe, Cassandra and Raul are puzzled by yesterday’s live eviction vote tally and want to know who “voted against the house.” Ramsay and Dallas are suspected. (Note: it was Dallas.) Loveita and Sharry seem to be the unofficial nominees as the Power of Veto ceremony hadn’t yet occurred with Kelsey pushing hard for Loveita to be the target. Jared and Phil say they can’t trust Ramsey and Phil mentions that he threw the HOH.

Nikki feels physically drained around supper time. She & Joel talk about the HN competition which NIkki said was torture, but mentions she’s been through a lot of challenging ordeals on her many times on Big Brother UK, including once where she had sardine oil in her hair. One interesting production tidbit was revealed; Nikki told Joel that almond milk, chocolate and bananas were put into her contract as mandatory each day for her to eat in the BBCAN4 house.

The “Have Not” room was revealed to the houseguests and its a room full of the usual creative misery, this time Big Brother Canada went with a “Vegas Chapel” theme called the “Little Chapel of Have Not’s.” All are concerned about how 6’4″ Joel is going to sleep on the tiny wooden chapel pews. Check out more photos of the honeymoon suite here.



BBCAN4 Live Feeds & Updates – March 4