BBCAN4 Live Feeds & Updates – March 3

Its the first night of the Big Brother Canada live feeds and “wild cards” Tim Dormer and Nikki Grahame spent the evening mingling with the BBCAN4 houseguests and learning how things are done on the Canadian version of Big Brother.

Jared won the HOH competition and tears up reading his letter form home saying he hasn’t seen his family in a long time as he has been working out of province. Maddy leaves to go cry in the pink room with Nick comforting her, saying she is also very homesick and wants to win the HOH just to get her letter. Ramsay is also crying and missing his family. Looking on quietly, Tim and Nikki seem to be baffled by all the Canadian houseguests tears this early in the game.

Booze delivery arrives just before midnight EST and the houseguests assembled around the kitchen table with a crate of beer. They chatted and exchanged stories for a couple hours, Nikki practicing her French with Phil and discussing how “things shut down” if it snows in the UK and Tim mentions missing and wanting to see his dog. Overall everyone is jovial and enjoying their first bit of alcohol in the BBCAN4 house.

Loveita and Sharry feel like they might be targeted by Jared considering Loveita nominated Kelsey and made it clear Kelsey was her target. Kelsey joins them in the bathroom and she and Loveita begin to debate the circumstances of her nomination and whether or not Loveita was honest with Kelsey. Sharry plays mediator, agreeing and encouraging both sides of the conversation. In the end they looped around the same topic with no resolution.

Kelsey joins Raul, Jared and Mitch in the HOH room, exasperated by her conversation with Loveita. They have been on indoor lock down for a while and all want to go outdoors, especially tho houseguests that smoke. (Production is likely taking apart the HOH competition.)

Below are some screen caps taken from the Big Brother Canada 4 live feeds:

BBCAN4 Live Feeds & Updates – March 3