#BBCAN2 “AM Quickie” Exit Interview with Anick Gervais

Going out first has got to suck, but what’s probably worse is being asked how it feels to be evicted first from the #BBCAN2 house over and over again the next morning, therefore I wasn’t even going to go there. The purpose of my morning after interview slot is to give us fans a little something about the HGs that we don’t already know, so although I tailor my questions to the personality of each individual, expect my questions to be somewhat random.

First off, Anick was cheery and spunky which is why I like her as sassy and girly is how I roll. I let her know she has fans and was pretty popular so she can take comfort in the #BBCAN2 experience knowing she definitely peaked people’s curiosity.

Q: What is your “spirit animal?” A: Eagle or Wolf.

Q:Who in the #BBCAN2 house needs “positive energy?” A: Andrew and Ika.

Q:Do you have any bad habits? A: Nail biting.

Q:Tell me about your cats, what are their names? A: Zee is a black male and Nica is a tiny spotted female, named after her trip to Nicaragua.

Q:What is your flavour of ice cream? A: Chocolate.

Q:Favorite movie(s)? A: Shawshank Redemption and Comte of Monte Cristo.

I hope you had fun reading about my “AM Quickie” with Anick, it was a joy interviewing her. Let’s give her some positive energy from the BB Community online and maybe we can all chat with her some more through social media. Who do you think I will be interviewing next Friday morning, newly evicted from the #BBCAN2 house? – Cat van Zyl